About the Artist

The World as her Canvas

Spirited and romantic, with a deep appreciation of beauty in all of its forms. Possesses a keen eye for aesthetics. Expert in design and function. Educated and cultured. Sensitive and kind. Honest. Fallible. Genuine. Thoughtful.  Playful.

sarah JAng - artist/designer

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​​My life is an ongoing affair with art. Art as the expression of inner creativity. Whether through traditional methods, or by means of modern technology, the nature of art remains constant.  Art can be virtually anything if seen through eyes of imagination.

An exploration of the the self through photography, art, design, fashion, literature, movement and personal thought. Introspective, reflective, affirmation of the uniquely physical feminine existence.

​What enables me to translate my skills in all these different areas? Creativity and a strong background in aesthetics.  Design is important, but imagination, the ability to create something out of nothing, is everything. Learning to conceptualize an idea that's floating around in your head is a good start. Then, you have to verbalize it or write it down. Can you see your ideas take shape in your mind's eye?

​The actual application of design principles is what you see in the final product.  Whatever I create, in every medium I use, whether drawing/painting, photography, jewelry making, or styling,  uses this same process. Imagine something. Then make it happen.​

• Jewelry Design and Crafting

• Design/Graphic Design/Publishing

• Fine Arts

• Photography/Photo Styling

• Personal Styling
• Costume Design and Construction
• Theater/Television Wardrobe 


BA in Fine Arts

Loyola University Chicago

​Studio Drawing and Painting