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Yoga Chick

• mindfulness on and off the mat

As a student and teacher of yoga, the principles behind the practice, the connection of the body, mind and spirit, the focus breath to movement and the celebration of life can often be seen in my designs.

The process in which I create each piece, developing the combination of colors, texture, light and movement is synonymous with my approach on the mat. Each discipline creates a meditation, creating beauty, harmony, and balance.

sarah JAng - registered Yoga teacher

Growth, Healing and Transformation

• Teacher Bio
Sarah dabbled with yoga since college, but didn’t step into a yoga studio until years later after repeated recommendations from a friend. She purchased a mat and after placing it in the trunk of her car and driving around for 6 months, finally broke her already established routine when her kickboxing class at her regular gym was cancelled. She took a chance, rolled out her mat and never looked back. 

She came to yoga looking for the health and physical benefits, but the emotional, spiritual and mental benefits kept her coming back. After experiencing the life changing effects of yoga, especially in dealing with chronic health issues, she was motivated to share that love with others and completed her 200hr RYTT in power vinyasa and began teaching in Southern California.

Inspired by movement and dance, she likes to build her classes slowly, intuitively, with an emphasis on breath and flow. She enjoys exploring smooth, fluid sequences that work with, rather than against the body’s natural movements. Balancing strength with grace, power with softness, allows her to create classes are physically challenging, mentally relaxing, and spiritually uplifting.

"The woman you're becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything."  Never take what you have or your situation in life for granted and know that change is inevitable.